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Suds n' Buds (Fiction) 

The Heartland Review, June 2020


Van of the Elderly & The Lantern Maker's Tale (Fiction, Audio) 

Eclectic Knights, January 2020

Big Oklahoma (Fiction, Audio) 

Working Title: A Literary Arts Podcast, November 2019


Roleplaying Manual for a Decaying Parent (Print) 

Menacing Hedge, July 2019

Youth Voices* (Anthology, Series Editor) 

Adler Planetarium, August 2019

*Note: This book is available only at teen programs at the Adler Planetarium, Field Museum, and Shedd Aquarium. For more information on these events, click here


1000 Pigeons: Spells from the Grimoire (Game)

University of Central Florida, January 2020

Adler Planetarium Collections Game (Interactive Exhibit/Game)

Adler Planetarium, March 2019

Ancestors (Game)

Independent, January 2019 

Various Other Games, 2016 - Present


Magical Faggot as Cinematic Study (1900-Present) (Nonfiction, Print) 

Foglifter Journal, Fall 2020 (Forthcoming)


Movements in Autonarrative (Nonfiction)

Casting Light & Creating Shadows Graduate Symposium, University of Central Florida, April 2020

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