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Sample Portfolio

Marketing Vision Presentation

Big Minds Unschool, May 2021 (Digital, PowerPoint)

Roles: Director of Marketing

Distillation of executive and stakeholder marketing goals to share with staff. View full presentation HERE


Program Summary and Advertisement, Big Minds Online

Big Minds Unschool, October 2021 (Digital, Print)

Roles: Director of Marketing

Advertisement for enrollment marketing. Rebranding of Big Minds' Online program due to expansion during 2021-2022. Solidification of mission, goals, and best ways to serve students. To view full advertisement, click HERE


Syllabus, Introduction to Creative Writing (CRW3013)

University of Central Florida, September 2019 (Digital, Print)

Roles: Curriculum Developer, Writer

Redesign of 3013 curriculum to integrate pathways toward UCF's game design program and increase student course involvement through the inclusion of diverse texts (both print and digital). (To view the full syllabus, click HERE.) 


Adler Collections Game

Adler Planetarium, March 2019 (Digital, Exhibit)

Roles: Program Manager, Writer

Beta version of a text game developed to guide visitors around under-visited areas in the museum. Implementation of this game contributed to a rise in visitorship of over 100,000 guests from 2019 - 2020. (Click to view larger versions of each slide. Play the full beta HERE.) 

Adler Youth Voice Project 

Adler Planetarium, August 2019 (Print)

Roles: Program Manager, Series Editor

Print work developed to boost student voices in traditionally-marginalized communities and promote Adler Youth Programs. (Click to view larger versions of each slide.) 

Email Campaign, Game-Making Workshops

Adler Planetarium, April 2016 (Digital)

Roles: Program Manager, Writer

Newsletter written to promote the first iteration of Adler's Game-Making Workshops. After this campaign, Game-Making Workshops became one of the Adler's most applied-to programs. (See the full newsletter HERE.

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